The Time of the Signs

Tinus Koskinen sells great tiles. He also makes great signs. I say hey, you make me signage, I give you room to sell tiles in my stores. He makes great tiles. Writing signs? Well…

Big problem…I ordered lots of beer mugs with old logo. What to do? Hmmm…

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The Port Harbor Explosion

I do not remember how I found my self there, or how I got in to help the gazelle get out. There are times when things simply must be done, and the Creator guides us to the place and time to do these things.  In Russia there were many. many people I could not save. But here in Steelhead I work to save one, even if he is crazy. What was it the Rabbi said? If you save one life, is like you save the world.

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Celebrating the Mooning

I was invited to Radio Riel party with Mitsu Figaro and Toumi Yoshikawa. They play tradition Japanese music where men with big drums try to knock over audience with boom-booms. Lots of Consulate peoples show up. People I never meet show up as well. Lots of nice kimonos. I forgot my sandals, but nobody noticed. You want pictures? I have.

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Voices and Faces and Races

First, am happy to say that Radio Riel is running my advertisement on their radio stations for next two months. I buy more timee later.

I invite two new vendors to my store. Mr. Tinus Koskinen with his wonerful texturees, and Miss Autopilotpappy Poppy with her paintings. I must make room. Maybe I throw out turtle vendor.

I just finish watching Steelhead Race. There were horses and a unicorn and elephant and large cat and wheelchair and giant snail. Veles Jagermonster won so strongly he went around extra time. Frau Annechen Lowey cam in second. Here, I show  you pictures.

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At the Bottom of the Bay

The Steelheaders are silly types. Last night they dance under the water with mermaids and seahorses. I have mask and goggles for recovering merchandise sometimes dropped when Coast Guard pirates get too close.

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First Inventory

I finish tending bar for Lady Gia. My new business start with help of Lady Darkling Elytis. She is witch, but in good way. She is patroness, like Tsarina, before they got too inbred. She is fortune teller. She say I am an old soul, and she say she know something about destruction of my stetl. She say it was not the Pogrom, something to do with the Old Mother. But that is other entry.

I invite Gerami Fizz to sell Fizzworks guns.

Darkling brings her collection of norty books and French postcards for sale. Is impressive collection. I set up reading room. She inviting her friend Terry Lightfoot, she is to be selling Chinese robes and cabaret clothes upstairs.

I hear Petable Turtles are newest craze. Are more resilient than chickens. I set up vendor. I get my first customer for starter kit! Gray demon lady I met fishing first time in Katat0nic. (Is spelled right?)

Lady Darkling shows me good spot on pier for fishing with 7Seas rod, and parking for TARDIS (small airship?) Green furry soldier with sharp teeth comes in, says name is Grigor Hairyshanks, asks me to sell lab equipment of younger Mason. Is table for attaching and removing limbs. Still trying to put it together to sell, am not Spark. Worried about my own limbs, please.

I announce first customer, now more Steelheaders want space in my store. Mrs. Nadir to sell men and women’s clothing. (Thank you for warm Fall suit!) Miss Lumia the cat lady wants to sell Chinese robes. More is merrier, is always said.

You want to sell in my store? Call me. We talk.

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Hunting for Steam

Am much enjoying the Steam Hunt. I find crowd in store strolling down Steelhead at #5. I follow with help of new friend to about #20. Most are very nice places. Steelhead, Caledon, Babbich, Breaking Away Arms Ada. Then I wind up in metal box with bright lights and gray people and cannot see the spinning gear.  The hint say “is noun and also adjective”. My English not so good, so I give up. I go back to #1, go a few numbers up and get stuck again. Is OK. I have nice furniture for the upstairs now. Bed in steam trunk reminds me of fourthclass travel on airship when I came to America.

Also have good outfit for altitude flying with rebreather. Cannot wear rebreather without blowing water up nose and spraying over walls, must be wearing wrong. I send letter to builder asking for illustration of proper use.

Steam Hunt goes for rest of week. Maybe I try to find more pieces.

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That means Hello in Russian. I am merhant from Russia, or recent moved to Steelhead City in Oregon USA. I was invited by my cousin, who here is known as Mr. Forelle Broek.

I own tower which is #540 in Steelhead Shanghai, is beautiful place, not too dirty yet. I will be telling you more soon. Please to be stopping by and buying something!

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