First Inventory

I finish tending bar for Lady Gia. My new business start with help of Lady Darkling Elytis. She is witch, but in good way. She is patroness, like Tsarina, before they got too inbred. She is fortune teller. She say I am an old soul, and she say she know something about destruction of my stetl. She say it was not the Pogrom, something to do with the Old Mother. But that is other entry.

I invite Gerami Fizz to sell Fizzworks guns.

Darkling brings her collection of norty books and French postcards for sale. Is impressive collection. I set up reading room. She inviting her friend Terry Lightfoot, she is to be selling Chinese robes and cabaret clothes upstairs.

I hear Petable Turtles are newest craze. Are more resilient than chickens. I set up vendor. I get my first customer for starter kit! Gray demon lady I met fishing first time in Katat0nic. (Is spelled right?)

Lady Darkling shows me good spot on pier for fishing with 7Seas rod, and parking for TARDIS (small airship?) Green furry soldier with sharp teeth comes in, says name is Grigor Hairyshanks, asks me to sell lab equipment of younger Mason. Is table for attaching and removing limbs. Still trying to put it together to sell, am not Spark. Worried about my own limbs, please.

I announce first customer, now more Steelheaders want space in my store. Mrs. Nadir to sell men and women’s clothing. (Thank you for warm Fall suit!) Miss Lumia the cat lady wants to sell Chinese robes. More is merrier, is always said.

You want to sell in my store? Call me. We talk.

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  1. Alas, I have nothing to sell, but I’m sure I shall come along and buy some of your fine wares 🙂

    • Heyyyyy….so you are that guy with the horns are you not? I was seeing you at town hall. So who are you really, eh?

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