An Important Announcement!

My Dear Friends,

Mayor Lunar has informed me that in about a week, he will adjust the rating on the Steelhead Shanghai sim from Mature to Adult. This is required in order to satisfy the new Terms of Service issued by Linden Lab. This means that if you are a customer (or vendor) you MUST be Age Verified in order to enter the sim as well as my store!

I am sorry if this inconveniences you, but having just registered myself I can tell you this process is quite easy and painless. Also the Lab says on the site that as long as you are not the subject of a police investigation *eyes shift nervously* the identifying information you give them is erased immediately after it is verified. Then you can all go back to your opium dens and brothels like nothing ever happened.

P.S. Any rumors you may have heard about me being an angel in disguise are completely ridiculous! I will not even discuss it!

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