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My dear friends! Since my storefront was designated as a TARDIS landing site I have met many people from fascinating times. Last night I was approached by a deadly android lady from THE FUTURE named Nova Sakigake (she says she used to live here in Steelhead as “Clee-Too” or something…) and at her request I will sell her handiworks…the most amazing artificial EYES and BODIES you will ever see!

Nova said she and her companion, Rogue Pleasure Unit SX-069 (Six for short) will soon be building more bodies and body parts with local materials and run on coal. She said she was looking for “Diesel fuel” for her and her partner. I think I may have heard about a guy named Diesel at a World’s Fair recently, but I’m not sure. I suggested she speak to Miss Hilra, who I am told is also from THE FUTURE.

Nova, Miss Six and Bobbijo Jonson

Nova, Miss Six and Bobbijo Jonson

Here is Miss Nova and Miss Six with a local customer, Miss Jonson, who was graciously unfazed by the…umm…direct conversations of the android ladies in the room. Miss Six asked me what Steelheaders like me like to do “for a good time”. I suggested she try fishing off of my pier. Always relaxing, with the slightest bit of suspense. I think she was looking for something more intense…I mentioned the supposed opium den in Shanghai and she started wandering towards the hotel. Do mechanical women smoke? I mean…besides from their engines?

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NEW ITEM! Daughter of Shanghai Victorian Bustle Dress

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Terry Lightfoot of To-a-T presents the Daughter of Shanghai! East meets West in this stunning crimson outfit that exemplifies the spirit of Steelhead Shanghai! Available now exclusively at Velvel’s Shanghai Bazaar!

Daughter of Shanghai

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Visit Lumina’s New Store in Steelhead Shanghai!

All of her Asian-themed outfits are 50% or reduced an additional 50% until January 24th at her new store.

Please note that those outfits are NOT half off at my store, but unlike at her other locations, her clothes at MY store are Transferable and therefore make the perfect gifts!

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Don’t Just Dream of a White Christmas! MAKE ONE!

Yooma Mayo's Snowmaking Jetpack!

Hurry while supplies last!

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Steelhead Shanghai gets the Good Press!

The Second Life World Explorers wander through Steelhead Shanghai in awe!

Fantastic photos of Steelhead Shanghai! Don’t miss the spectacular view Krystine Qinan gives us of…*cough* my sign!

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Steelhead Mt. St. Helens is here!

Geothermal steamy goodness for everyone! Guaranteed not to explode except when dramatically prudent!

Also I read there is a new Steamland out there called BlakOpal on the map, but known locally as Rechara. Steam for Everyone!!!

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Happy Kid

This sweet little goat child was dancing in Club Gearz this morning and said she wanted a pair of goggles for her birthday. How could I resist a pair of pretty horns eyes like that?

Enjoy your goggles from Yooma Mayo, Miss Pussywillow!

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A Shanghai Surprise! A Real Treet!

Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin interview Tensai Hilra, TotalLunar Eclipse and Elegia Underwood about the beautiful, mysterious and very commercially active Steelhead Shanghai!

Also, upstairs I am now vending the Shirtless Against Breast Cancer 2010 Calendars. Now in Mens, Womens, Jagers and Furry flavors! All proceeds go to fighting breast cancer!

What is that smoking mountain in the distance! Why it must be Steelhead Mt. St. Helens! It will be a tumble and rough kind of place, so you better come to my store and stock up on Fizzworks guns!

I also wish to welcome the Babbage Urchins to Steelhead! You are welcome to catch fish off my pier. But stay out of attic!

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New Vendor: Alana Steamweaver

Miss Steamweaver is selling a collection of 50 Victorian Japanese prints of the Ukiyo-e style. Right by the ladder.

And right above that in the Reading Room is Miss Steamweavers collection of prints of the Shunga style. I cannot show them to you here, you must see for yourself. But I can tell you you may never look at calamari the same way again!

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New Vendor: Hatpins!

Last night Mr. Straaf stopped by on behalf of his talented sister Reghan Straaf to set up shop in the Bazaar for her wonderful haberdashery and and watches! The headgear with the steam and the gears and the bubbling must be believed to be seen!


And you know? Sometimes people ask “Hey, I got some stuff that’s Steampunky, Victorian, Frontier or Asian! How can I sell stuff in this happening Bazaar you have?” Well, I tell you! You have to ask me. My passport still says Warren Daines, so you have to send my mail there. But drop me some lines, we make a deal.

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