New Vendor: Alana Steamweaver

Miss Steamweaver is selling a collection of 50 Victorian Japanese prints of the Ukiyo-e style. Right by the ladder.

And right above that in the Reading Room is Miss Steamweavers collection of prints of the Shunga style. I cannot show them to you here, you must see for yourself. But I can tell you you may never look at calamari the same way again!

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New Vendor: Hatpins!

Last night Mr. Straaf stopped by on behalf of his talented sister Reghan Straaf to set up shop in the Bazaar for her wonderful haberdashery and and watches! The headgear with the steam and the gears and the bubbling must be believed to be seen!


And you know? Sometimes people ask “Hey, I got some stuff that’s Steampunky, Victorian, Frontier or Asian! How can I sell stuff in this happening Bazaar you have?” Well, I tell you! You have to ask me. My passport still says Warren Daines, so you have to send my mail there. But drop me some lines, we make a deal.

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Welcome Yooma Mayo to the Bazaar!

Young Master Mayo brings his spectacular Steampunk inventions to us all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun! Wear them! Ride them! Fly them! Send them on errands! Use them to light your way!

I also have new logo from Lovelace Stock and Trade, and Subscribe-O-Matic by front door! No more kicking out your favorite groups for other favorite groups! Join the club!

*No fairies harmed in making of headsets.

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In House

I went to big party at Blue Mermaid at Caledon on Sea. It was wild party. So wild I cannot tell you…
…except to say it involved Boobie-Thon. Am looking forward to Thon. Is for fighting Cancer, you know?
Next night I go to Winterfell Absinthe to hear poetry at Hut des Jagers. Fuzzy monsters also with boobies on the brains.
Someplaces they throw plates on ground at parties. In Winterfell they throw books and pillows. I wanted to throw something heavy at same dvorak who came into Mermaid with same placard for his own event. But he ran too fast.
I relax at sukkah Magdelena Kamenev built for Harvest Festival in Caledon Caer Firnas. Come and see!
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Lots of Hunting

I finished the Steam Hunt, then I went on the Steelhead Harvest Hunt. Much harder that Steam Hunt, but not as long. Why harder? Is not all the same object you hunt. A turkey, a bottle, a pumpkin, a corn-maize, you never know. Also in beautiful settings is much easier to hide produce. And to fall into underground river. And to fall through hole in bridge as I walk from store to JLU building. (Please fix Mr. Mayor please? Am worried about customers drowning. Especially if they have not got to store to buy things yet.) Also not all things in Steelhead Hunt is in Steelhead!

Also, remember farm with maize maze? They have 4-H type contest with metal animals. And cow with digestion problem. You hunt for pictures on the other journals. I already got hurt trying to take pictures of metal animals. I don’t do it again.

I walk past the Dog Park of Miss Davies in Port Harbor. Man was taking his woman for dog-walk. Not a standard breed. I tell Miss Davies. She hunts them down. They left before I could get pitchfork and torch.

I find new tavern in Port Harbor, across from creepy carnival.

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The Time of the Signs

Tinus Koskinen sells great tiles. He also makes great signs. I say hey, you make me signage, I give you room to sell tiles in my stores. He makes great tiles. Writing signs? Well…

Big problem…I ordered lots of beer mugs with old logo. What to do? Hmmm…

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The Port Harbor Explosion

I do not remember how I found my self there, or how I got in to help the gazelle get out. There are times when things simply must be done, and the Creator guides us to the place and time to do these things.  In Russia there were many. many people I could not save. But here in Steelhead I work to save one, even if he is crazy. What was it the Rabbi said? If you save one life, is like you save the world.

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Celebrating the Mooning

I was invited to Radio Riel party with Mitsu Figaro and Toumi Yoshikawa. They play tradition Japanese music where men with big drums try to knock over audience with boom-booms. Lots of Consulate peoples show up. People I never meet show up as well. Lots of nice kimonos. I forgot my sandals, but nobody noticed. You want pictures? I have.

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Voices and Faces and Races

First, am happy to say that Radio Riel is running my advertisement on their radio stations for next two months. I buy more timee later.

I invite two new vendors to my store. Mr. Tinus Koskinen with his wonerful texturees, and Miss Autopilotpappy Poppy with her paintings. I must make room. Maybe I throw out turtle vendor.

I just finish watching Steelhead Race. There were horses and a unicorn and elephant and large cat and wheelchair and giant snail. Veles Jagermonster won so strongly he went around extra time. Frau Annechen Lowey cam in second. Here, I show  you pictures.

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At the Bottom of the Bay

The Steelheaders are silly types. Last night they dance under the water with mermaids and seahorses. I have mask and goggles for recovering merchandise sometimes dropped when Coast Guard pirates get too close.

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